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Content for Professionals

With a single 1:1 session we create video content for the whole month

Why Build a personal brand?

Tell your story, create your brand

Stand Out

In a crowded environment, personal brand stands above the rest and leaves a lasting impression.

Boost Credibility

Positions you as an authority in your field, building trust with your audience.

Enhance Career

Building your brand with consistent content opens doors to new opportunities.

Video Content

Video can be scary

We all know you are supposed to be putting out more video content but holding up the camera and hitting record is intimidating when alone

Tell us about yourself and your audience

We prep for our 1:1 together

Record a conversational session together

You get 10-15 pieces of personal content

Make video approachable

Let's have a convo

We do the work so it just feels like a conversation. You get to talki about the things you know best: Your Story and your !

“I’m absolutely blown away by the business generated from posting videos”



“It’s incredible. I love how easy it is!”



“I knew I needed to put out more videos but I never could pull it all together. MCC gave me the confidence to get started."



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Make building your personal brand easy

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